Melungeon Stew

1/4 Cup Water
1 Onion – Chopped
2 Cloves Garlic – Minced
1 Bunch Fresh Greens
4 Cups Vegetable Broth
4 Large Ripe Tomatoes – Chopped
2 12oz Jars Fire Roasted Red Peppers – Drained
4 Cans Black-Eyed Peas – Drained and Rinsed
2 Cups Frozen Kernal Corn
2 Teaspoons Basil
2 Teaspoons Liquid Smoke
2 Tablespoons Soy Sauce (Or to taste)

First saute the onion and garlic in the water, until the onions soften. (About five minutes)

Add your greens, and continue to saute until they reduce and soften. (Another three minutes or so)

Blend 2 can black-eyed peas with two cups of broth, the roasted red peppers. (This will give your soup a thick rich texture.)

Combine all ingredients in a stock pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for another 10 minutes.

This hearty stew from the heart of Appalachia, is a New Year’s Day tradition at my house, but there is no reason to wait. Add more soy sauce for a saltier flavor, or less if sodium is an issue.

Soy sauce and liquid smoke go a long way toward replacing the bacon, in this old family recipe. Although the traditional “greens” in this recipe is listed as “poke weed” in the original, I find that kale and/or collards stand in very well.

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